Michael Wahl Profile picMy name is Michael Wahl and welcome to me website where I will teach you about product design, developing web sites, cool software you can use to launch your concept and idea and how to master UX and its appliance. I launched this website to show my skills, experience and will to help others who want to learn how to develop and convert their ideas into the real-life concepts and models. I will try to keep my blog section regularly updated, but do not be mad at me if I don’t have time to post an article to teach you about another tip from marketing or web design.

Currently, I work as a product designer in San Francisco and I am the recreational cyclist and gym freak as I need an activity to escape the all-day sitting problem. With over ten years in product designing, I developed certain competencies like UX, interaction and design of web and mobile software products. I have been designing various cybersecurity products, tools for management and websites with high-conversion marketing for many companies, startups and one-time projects. All of these give eligibility to help other young enthusiasts who want to develop their thoughts into the specific project.

I am open for any co-work projects and willing to work on your problems to find solutions. As new challenges emerge every day, I like to say that I love these and I use all my strength to offer good help on your project. In case you have an idea or concept that you would like to develop further, do notify me by posting a comment on my blog posts. Hope you will enjoy and learn something useful!