C-DESIGN Fashion Software – Design & Manage Your Fashion Collection

It is over the time of drawing your pictures on the paper to see how they would look like on your shirt! Now the technology holds the status of the most reliable source for the design. Designing your products can be very easy if you use the help of software that is specially made for this purpose. One of the best software products that can help you with designing your fashion is C Design Fashion software. I will explain a few key things regarding it.

What is it?

It is the software that was developed to make the process of designing your clothing much easier. Why? Because it offers many features that improve, fasten and make your process of designing, developing and producing easier and better.


You can share information in real time, use different monitoring tools, and release of technical documentation that specifies all the details about the products and control the process. This web-based platform allows you better, faster and easier data sharing, which influences the fashion development and makes it more professional. When it came out, it did not attract a lot of attention, but a few years later it exploded and become the well-known fashion software.

The software is fully licensed and available for commercial use after you buy yearly license. It allows you to come up quickly with the design idea and present it easily. No wonder it became so famous and wanted – after all, it is a good management tool with lots of useful options.

What does it allow you?

C-DESIGN Fashion software allows you to create different shapes, color them, place anywhere you want, rotate and many other options, in order to design your ideas and concepts. How good software tells the data that ZARA brand uses this software to design new fashion.  It gives you the option of real-time data sharing, so your teams can be placed in different places of the world, and they will still have real-time access on all devices, ranging from PC to a smartphone.


C-DESIGN Fashion software is the best one as it is a business-tailored tool and meets all your requirements easily. While it is flexible, fast and simple, it saves you a lot of money and time. The perfectly designed workflows will make your development stage much simpler and quicker. The smart monitoring tools are there to ensure that you have the control in your hands, and stop the process immediately if something goes wrong.

Various reviews, reports and analytics allow you to make a decision according to the reports. This means you have much more stability and control over your process, and it enables you to make the right decisions that backed up by the reports and results from them. The best thing about it is that is not pricey, neither it has some hidden and additional costs that are applied later. Once you pay, you have a yearly subscription when you need to renew it.