Interaction Design

The interaction between user and product must be relevant and context-oriented. Its design is exactly what defines the quality of the user-product connection.

Interface Design

Designing the components of your interface is the process that emphasizes look, style and overall quality. The color matching, balance, size of the field, or the font goes all under the interface design.

Wire Framing

A very useful technique to present the basic core and functionality of a product. It is an important part of the UI design process in web industry for example.


Mockups come really in handy when you need to present your final expectation about a certain product. Whether you are building a small piece of script that performs a certain action or you develop a brand new app, the mockup will shape your thoughts and ideas into pre-ready product.


Offers the best results once you use a mockup and add/simulate the UX experience. The prototype serves as a good tool when you want to pitch quickly your idea to friends or colleagues.


User Research

To develop a good product, you need to understand the needs and problems of users. Their behavior, as well as approach to problem, could be your chance – user research teaches us how to design the solution to their problem.

 Survey Design

Planning the surveys you need for your research is a must, especially when you have multiple of them.  Earlier definition of goals and the interpretation saves you a lot of time and effort.

Contextual Inquiry

Watching the behavior, reactions and actions of the users can be fruitful for your research and product development. Watching and discussing their actions helps a lot.


 Heuristic Evaluation

Finding the problems in UI design in software products is a cornerstone for improvement.

Usability Testing

It is important to evaluate how easy is to use a certain product.