Product Design Modeling Using CAD/CAE

When designing a product, we always want to make it perfect, and that is able to work in extreme conditions. As some things is impossible to test out as many times as we would want to, the technology enables us a shortcut to this process. However, designers, during the designing process, usually make a prototype, test it out and then discuss all the results and make changes accordingly. Still, the products have become so complex that that the cost improvement and optimization took the place as serious features of product development. Still, using CAE make things much easier.

What is CAE?

It is short for Computer Aided Engineering. So, a mechanical engineer could design a product but cannot anticipate every action of it, under certain conditions. While the engineers understand the behavior and purpose.


They need to determine safety margins, weakness of the design and performance of the current one. The purpose of this is to understand better the materials and designs, so they could be applied more appropriately in future projects.  CAE is exactly what steps in and helps them with these tasks.

Why it is important in early design?

As CAE allows you to test different conditions, designs and products, it is natural to say that it saves a lot of time, effort and money, regardless of the project scale. It proves as a great tool for prototyping and determining the good and the most appropriate design.

When implemented earlier, it guides your design/product in the right way, as you can see the defects, possible unwanted outcomes and perceive the final validation of the product. The point is that all the changes take some time, but with CAE, you can see all the changes and design the solutions for them and then retest the same again.

Is it good for automation?

Yes, it is a fantastic tool! As early testing operations can be very boring, the use of CAE reduces the time greatly and provides better analysis that is clear. Plus, you can see everything in 3D, which is a great perk, especially when you are working with the physical objects.


What is even better, it allows you to share your ideas across the departments quickly without too much hassle. This way all the teams can see the new prototype that is developed, instead of sending the separate object to each of the team.

The future is bright

Once the computational power became stronger, the use of CAE has been drastically increased. The new features, tools, plug ins and add-ons are developed everyday, so it is natural to expect that we will witness to the outstanding software that will assist us in product design. This concept allows us to make rapid changes quickly to a product, without causing the costs, losing too much of time or changing the policies. Many of the new projects are using CAE to test the product properly and develop brand new solutions to the problems and products.