What Does It take To Succeed As A Product Designer?

This question is interesting to answer as it requires a new approach to the subject from the usual one. Are you building a good design or a product? This question actually is the first point in becoming the good product designer. A lot of designers focus only on the design, rather on the product and therefore things do not turn our well. It is about the product and its features, not about your skill-show off. Once you realize that, I can tell you that you are ready to continue with the learning of this article.

Always be curious and have questions

The lack of internal communication is something that can ruin the whole project and turn things upside down. Therefore, as a designer, you need to have questions to ask, all the time. This shows your curiosity and will to make and adapt the design in the best possible way for a certain product.


Do not assume, but rather ask for an explanation so you could understand why you need to design something in a required way. Also, try to look at the purpose of product from many angles, as you will be able to understand if you are allowed to apply a certain design or technique.

Know your users

You must know, to the very detail, what is your target group. You must understand their needs, requirements and problems to be able to solve the problem and come up with the best possible solution. Also, involve your business analyst to help you with this, as he is in direct contact with the users and potential customers.

The more you know about the users, the easier and faster you will come up with something that is useful to them.

Rely on easy design & earlier experience

Even though things could look very complicated and tough to work, your job is to find the most approachable design that brings up all the requirements and wraps everything in a cool design and interface.


Yes, this can be an exhausting task to do, but your experience will help you, as you have encountered many projects that had a similar approach. Throwback at some of the earlier projects to find the best possible solution. You must have had a similar project, so you could use the already made design and template. This way you cut down the time, effort and costs.

Storytelling skills are a must

The best way to sell/promote your product is to use storytelling skills. Tell your customers a similar story or a case where the product you are designing could be their solution. Be the role, and pay attention to details. Your storytelling skills can sometimes drag a customer, even if he was not that much into your product. But the power of storytelling resonates in his ears, which made him become the potential customer. People always love to identify with other people and their situations, and that is your chance to show your product.